This site lists the various tutorials written and supported by members;
 If you know of a useful tutorial, but don't own it, mail and let him know; he'll add it to the List of Off Site Tutorials.

 If you plan to write a tutorial for this site you might like to consult or reference the 'Guidelines  Pack', the attachment is below (Soon to have its own page). It outlines all the common sense  rules and regulations most re-enactors would be familiar with.

 If you'd like to add a tutorial here, post on the forums, and let the guys there know what you are working on. All articles are listed under a Creative Commons "Attribution, Noncommercial, Share and Share Alike" licence. You are welcome to copy any content here, as long as the copy retains any authorship information, and any changes are offered back to the authors for no cost. No commerical use is permitted without prior arrangement.


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